About Us

Transition Monaghan is part of the worldwide Transition Town Movement. We are a voluntary, grassroots effort. The first Transition Town was established in Kinsale, Co. Cork in 2005. Students from the local college devised an ‘Energy Descent Action Plan’ for the town. It was a vision of what Kinsale would look like in a low carbon future, and it included practical steps to reduce reliance on fossil fuels. The aim is to make Co. Monaghan a resilient, healthy, and sustainable place to live for future generations.

The reality of climate change and peak oil mean that we will need to use less carbon, reduce our reliance on long supply chains and do more locally. This can be a positive experience for our villages and towns, which have been blighted by de population and shop and service closures. Transition seeks to put human well – being and ‘the good life’ at the heart of local planning and development. Examples of transition projects from around the world include: local currencies and barter schemes, community gardens, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), Local Energy Schemes, Community Shops and enterprises. It’s all about harnessing what resources and skills we have, pooling them and putting them to good use to build a better, more sustainable future for our communities.

Transition Monaghan aims to build links with other local groups and bodies interested in sustainability such as Tidy Towns, Community Gardens groups and GIY. We want to build links with the local authority and elected representatives and we currently have members on County Monaghan’s Public Participation Network (PPN) and the county council’s Strategic Policy Committees (SPCs). We want to make the transition as inclusive and fun as possible. We always welcome new ideas and members so please get in touch!

To learn more about Transition Towns visit the Transition Network Website or watch this introductory youtube clip