Climate change update: responses in Ireland

The Irish Environment Network’s (IEN) ‘Green News’ website has a number of news items on a range of environmental matters. Here we summarise the current news items dealing Ireland’s response to climate change.

  • This week sees the landmark legal case against the Irish Government for alleged inaction to tackle climate change is to be heard before the High Court.
  • A Bill to ban any new explorations for oil, coal, and gas on Irish territory is set to soon appear before the Dail The Climate Emergency Measures Bill seeks to stop the Government from issuing any new licenses for the exploration and extraction of fossil fuels.
  • Ireland fails to take up offer to join the Powering Past Coal Alliance. Made up of over 50 nations, states and businesses, the Powering Past Coal Alliance was launched at the climate conference in Bonn, Germany last November.
  • Ireland’s entire housing stock must be retrofitted to higher energy standards if we are to achieve our impending climate and energy targets. Speaking before the Dail’s Climate Action Committee hearing on Ireland’s 2020 energy targets, the CEO of the Tipperary Energy Agency, Paul Kenny, said that all homes in Ireland will need to be retrofitted to an A or B-rating on the Building Energy Rating (BER) scale by 2050.


  • Origin Green – Bord Bia’s ‘sustainability’ symbol for Irish food – appears to be only a “marketing tool”, the Joint Committee on Agriculture has been told. The comments from Independent TD Thomas Pringle follow Bord Bia’s appearance before Committee.


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