Deep Ecology Workshop

The Deep Ecology Workshop aims to bring together like minded people who actively seek to make a positive impact on the environment and in their community. It is a step towards making a change for the better in our world. The workshop will be facilitated by social ecologist, Kathryn Mc Cabe in collaboration with Transition Monaghan.

Kathryn studied Science and Applied Physics at NUI Maynooth and then continued seeking academic pathways that would explore a big picture approach to achievable change. Upon achieving a radical masters in Australia on Social Ecology, this enabled her to engage with complex systems, design context-specific change strategies and, crucially, feel inspired about what is possible when people feel respected and trusted to take their next step towards transformation.

She now works as an independent consultant for groups that are engaged in change; community groups, schools, businesses. She has lectured at the University of Western Sydney, has worked internationally guiding NGOs and large multinationals towards sustainability and well-being and has a special interest in youth Rites of Passage; delivering a summer program on Vancouver Island, Canada. She is a published author having written ‘Social Ecology; Applying Ecological Thinking to Our Lives and Our work’.

In a series of indoor and outdoor activities drawing on Joanna Macy’s ‘The Work that Reconnects and Social Ecology’, this workshop will invite you to explore your own personal responses to place and the state of the planet, connect more deeply with others in attendance and create space for new perspectives for the next steps in your work / life.

The Oxford Dictionary’s definition of Deep Ecology; An environmental movement and philosophy which regards human life as just one of many equal components of a global ecosystem.

Embedded in the experience we have with the environment rests our emotional responses to place, society and ourselves. Deep Ecology suggests that when our emotional responses remain unacknowledged they can act as blocks to effective action. Through acknowledging these emotional responses we enliven ourselves more fully; creating greater energy, focus, joy and meaningful action.

Included in the price of the ticket will be a hot meal and some snacks.

Tickets €12
Cost should not impede anyone wishing to attend, contact us directly for concessions.

Transition Monaghan would also like to thank Agenda 21 and the County Council for helping to fund this workshop and making it possible.

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