Making the most of our food

A fortnight ago the EPA launched a campaign entitled, ‘Food: Make the Most of It’. Householders on average throw out €700 worth of food each year. The EPA’s Stop Food Waste Programme helps us identify everyday food items that usually go to waste and they have an A to Z guide of how to best prevent food waste. This will help us all save money on our purchases and also on waste charges.


The EPA also has an opportunity for community groups to get involved in combatting food waste. The Stop Food Waste Challenge is a community based campaign which brings people together to learn and share ideas about reducing food waste. The Challenge, which consists of four 1-hour meetings, is run by Stop Food Waste or local trained facilitators and covers the main steps involved in reducing food waste. All details are available at

Last week the food retailer / wholesaler Musgraves signed the Government’s Food Waste Charter, which is focused on a common approach to the issue of food waste across the retail sector. Musgraves say that they are committed to halving their food surplus by 2030. The guidelines on food waste will go out to Musgrave’s independent retail partners that operate the SuperValu, Centra and Daybreak brands in Ireland.

Food Cloud is an App set up by two young social entrepreneurs that facilitates the redistribution of surplus food from retailers to charities and community groups. In Ireland, Tesco, Lidl and Aldi are the supermarkets that have already joined the initiative.

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