Small changes can make a big difference


Actions that we can all take at a personal level to make our area a better place to live while protecting the environment and fighting climate change are set out in a new locally produced leaflet.  Castleblayney Tidy Towns and Castleblayney Sustainable Energy Group have come together to produce and circulate the new leaflet in Castleblayney. Here is just a selection of the useful information and tips that are in the leaflet. 


Treated drinking water is a scarce and valuable resource and we need to conserve it. The leaflet recommends that we use tap water rather than bottled water. It takes 1.53 litres of water to produce one litre of bottled water and another three litres to produce the plastic bottle


The microfibres of plastic that wash out of fleeces end up in rivers and the oceans and are ingested by fish. The suggestion in the leaflet is to buy fewer fleeces, wash clothes at 30C or under, reduce spin speeds, air-dry rather than tumble-dry and buy a Guppyfriend Washing bag – it filters out the plastic microfibres during the machine wash.


We need to drastically reduce our carbon emissions if we are to counter climate change. Virtually all of us use fossil fuels (oil, LPG and coal) to heat our homes.  An effective way to reduce fossil-fuel emissions is through better insulation of our homes and there are SEAI grants to help with the costs involved. Other suggestions in the leaflet include consuming less, flying less, driving less and eating less meat.


The leaflet reminds us that we generally consume too much, but we also waste too much. One particular area of concern is food waste. The website is recommended as it gives a detailed guide to preventing food waste and its key suggestions are included in the leaflet. Local food should be bought whenever possible so it is important to check country of origin of the fruit and vegetables we buy.


According to the leaflet, Ethical Consumer magazine says that household cleaning products contaminate the air in our homes with a mix of carcinogens, hormone disrupters, neurotoxic solvents, mood-altering chemicals and reproductive toxins. The alternative is to use a combination of bicarbonate of soda, soda crystals (washing soda), white vinegar, lemon juice and salt.  The leaflet recommends the webpage for details of alternatives.

See images of leaflet pages below. You can also find a full copy of the leaflet on the Castleblayney Tidy Towns Facebook Page and Castleblayney Sustainable Energy Group. Brian Duffy, Castleblayney researched and compiled the text of the leaflet. The Environment Section of Monaghan County Council supported the cost of the publication.

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