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These are some of the recent headlines / article titles:

  1. from the Irish Environmental Network’s ‘Green News’ website
  • Ryanair was Europe’s worst polluting airline in 2017, finds environmental NGO
  • Great Pacific Garbage Patch growing at alarming rate, new research finds
  • Extreme weather events more frequent and costly over past four decades
  • TCD graduates set to launch food sustainability app (The app called Evocco is designed to give consumers real-time information about the environmental cost of food shopping and to help users make more environmentally-friendly choices)

                  2.    from The Irish Times:

·      Fodder crisis proves we have too many cows: Shortage shows how our agricultural model is failing farmers, society, and the environment (opinion piece by John Gibbons)


  1. from The Guardian Environment
  • Underwater melting of Antarctic ice far greater than thought, study finds

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