Transition Monaghan Supports the Community Energy Proclamation

The Community Energy Proclamation visions a transition to a clean, secure energy future for everyone in Ireland.  The proclamation has been signed by over 100 community groups (including Transition Monaghan), co-operatives, energy agencies and NGO’s, and calls for a number of policy changes to allow communities to participate in Ireland’s energy generation and to allow the community energy industry to develop.
These include setting a target for community energy in Ireland and removing a number of technical and financial barriers such as access to the grid, payments for solar energy for micro-generation and for renewable heat, and support and advice structures to enable community groups to develop renewable energy projects.

The vision of the proclamation is for a transition to a clean, secure energy system for the citizens of Ireland, where communities – whether organised as co-operatives, voluntary associations or individual citizens – can get involved in energy planning, conservation, energy generation and energy distribution.

The Communtiy Energy Proclamation is available at this link and is attached.

or by clicking on the following pdf file – Community_Energy_Proclamation

It can still be signed here.
In contrast to many of our European neighbours, community owned renewable energy in Ireland is practically non existent.  A fundamental shift in policy is required that views citizens and communities as indispensable agents in securing our energy future, not obstacles to be negotiated.

This transformation will not happen without the power of the people.


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