Apple-Pressing Event Sep 2017

by Laura Hannon

Our apple-pressing event held last Saturday 23rd September 2017 in the Community Gardens in Castleblayney could not have gone better. There was a great turn out of people on the day and everyone contributed to getting through the tremendous amount of apples we ended up with. Between washing, pulping, pressing and bottling there were plenty of jobs to go around and everyone certainly pulled their weight.

We held the event as a part of the ECOLISE European Day of Sustainable Communities and following the success of the day we would be confident that there is certainly a network within the county of Monaghan that could really hold their own in terms of self sufficiency and sustainability. In times of such ecological uncertainty this is a reassuring determination.

A big thank you to the people involved in the Community Gardens and Allotments in Castleblayney, as it could not have happened without them.. Thank you to Gary Mc Kenna and Michael Connolly who brought the apple pulpers and pressers as it wouldn’t have been possible otherwise and thank you to Sean D Mc Kenna for transporting. Also a big thank you to everyone who came and contributed in whatever way big or small. It really was a special day and conjured a wonderful feeling of camaraderie and hope for the future.

Most of us enjoyed some fresh apple juice on the day and the remainder will be left to ferment for the next while as it turns into cider. Transition Monaghan then hope to hold another event when the cider is ready which will involve the very important task of taste testing.. Something tells me that event will be an easier sell! Not to be missed.

Left: Some of the helpers on the day.  Right:  Apple-pressing in full swing

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