Transition Monaghan AGM 15th September 2021

The group held it’s AGM in Rossmore Park, Monaghan. A range of items were discussed as well as election of official positions. We reviewed the constitution and other decisions were also made on future group plans.

  • In attendance: Floss Moen, Niamh Brannigan, Mícheal O Callaghan, Karen Jeffers, Conan Connolly, Collette McEntree, Laura Hannon, Dearbhla Lennon, Caroline Quinn and Dermot McNally.
  • Introductions: everyone introduced themselves and their interest in TM. Karen gave an extra overview of what Síolta Chroí is all about.
  • Outgoing Chairpersons Report:
    • Floss discussed activities over the previous years.
    • Dermot gave an overview of Liams SPC report – see full copy.
    • Jennifer reported on LAWPRO Video on South Monaghan Water Quality, aided by Karen and Conan (who are also involved).
    • We thanked Floss for her hard work and dedication.
  • Outgoing Treasurers Report:  finances are meagre but healthy!
  • Future Direction of the Group (including Constitution)
    • Great input on this aspect – everyone in agreement that TM carries out a vital role in Monaghan as the only active environmental group working in this space. TM is allowing its members (who have certain skills and passions) to do the “bits they like”, e.g. Floss on column, SPC delegates, LAWPRO project participants. Important that these activities can continue and that other members find the space and support to do the things that they enjoy. All agreed there’s more we can do as a group (in terms of events and activities see further down). Many members expressed desire to be involved and supportive but not at committee level. Discussed how members with plans and ideas must be prepared to take ownership implementation work can’t be left to Committee Members only.
    • Constitution – everyone agreed this is fine at present.
  • Election of Positions and Nominations to Roles / Working Groups.
    • Elected:
      • Chairperson Dermot McNally, 
      • Secretary Laura Hannon (Laura will concentrate on website and PRO related activities)
      • Treasurer: Collette McEntee
    • SPCs: 
      • All current delegates happy to continue: Karen on Economic, Eddie on Housing and Liam on Environment. Conan on Transport.
    • Column Editor: Floss happy to continue on.
      • 2 years from this point but accepted that Collettes position may change before that and she may need to resign the position.
  • Fundraising.
    • Not immediately needed but brief reference was made to available funds.
  • Insurance Renewal. 425 to be renewed when needed.
  • Website
    • Agreed to upgrade the old site.
  • Successful events 
    • Examples like the Potato competition run in CMX by Conan, trips to growers, mushroom walk in Rossmore, “doing” events such as apple pressing. Agreed that we need more of these. Dearbhla remembered that one of the key original aims was to develop a network of people interested in learning ways of living sustainably by having events / practical hands on demos of skills etc.
    • Niamh gave a very welcome reflection on how it can be challenging to know what TM is all “about” and that it can be off-putting for “would be” members to know what they are getting involved with. We agreed that we need to do more here – perhaps the new website will help pull some of that together. Other groups like Tidy Towns and Allotments have a very clear role / identity compared to TM.
    • We also discussed that it would be nice to bring new members in
    • Reference was made to the Column mailing list and the wider mailing list – should we be using more often?
    • Dearbhla gave great practical example of Leitrim Beekeepers having dates and venue prebooked and that members would speak or guests would arrive. Provides a strong structure.
    • Several members interested in another Mushroom tour of Rossmore.
    • TO DOS: Laura to check with Lukas on Mushroom Walk, Floss to talk to Dochas about using the space for quarterly (or more regular) events (presentation / informal learning space), Niamh to get views of TM members on the Watsapp re: types of speakers we’d like to see), Karen to check possible dates for Síolta Chroí event.
    • TO DO: ALL: consider how we “market” TM, our image to outsiders, what we stand for. We need to be able to convey this.
  • AOB
    • Christmas Party. TM members want to Party.

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