Sustainability Matters – Our Weekly Column

For almost a decade, Transition Monaghan have been creating the “Sustainability Matters” column. The column has been printed on a weekly basis in the Northern Standard newspaper which circulates in Monaghan and surrounding counties. The aim of the column has always been to increase awareness and education on a range of environmental and sustainability issues of local, national and international interest. The vast archive of articles on the website are a testament to the effort involved over the years.

Members of Transition Monaghan provide the weekly articles as well as guest contributors from national and international organisations. Items on wildflowers, trees, and local biodiversity are ever popular. As well as the feature length articles a noticeboard is collated with events and opportunities for the readership. The current Editor of the column is Floss and she can be contacted at

Transition Monaghan encourage writers, organisers and environmentalists to get in touch to see if we can work together to get positive stories to a wider audience.

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