Chasinge Ice – Film Screening

On Thursday 6 November 2013, Monaghan Ecological Group will host a free film screening of “Chasing Ice” in the Market House, Monaghan, at 7:30pm.

Chasing Ice is a compelling film which charts the work of photographer James Balog, who began tracking changes in Arctic Ice in 2005, by placing a number of cameras at different locations across the arctic. Through photographs and videos, Balog built up spectacular time lapse images and videos of changes to arctic sea ice, including the capturing of dramatic ice cavings, when large chunks of ice break off into the sea. The result is indisputable evidence of the dramatic pace of arcitc ice melt in recent years. The film provides moving and compelling evidence of man made climate change.

Come along on Thursday the 6th to see these spectacular events and changes unfolding before your very eyes!

The evidence is in the ice!
The evidence is in the ice!

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