Energy Co -operatives Ireland

Energy Co – operatives Ireland is co – operative renewable energy consultancy promoting community energy projects around Ireland. They provide assistance and advice to communities, groups and small businesses interested in exploring the possibility of community or commercial renewable energy schemes or district energy. They can advise on the best routes to follow, legal issues, technology to chose and alliances and relevant organisations that can help. They are keen to help with business plans, provision of information on funding and how to deal with regional and national authorities and how best to overcome any obstacles which may get in the way of the project.

They have been involved in advising and working with community and district energy schemes throughout the country including West Clare Renewable Energy, Comharchumann Fuinnimh Oileáin Arainn (as featured on Eco Eye), and Dublin Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Project, to name a few.

Community energy projects can range from a small solar installation to district heating schemes to small wind farms. The idea behind energy co – operatives is that ordinary members of the community come together to initiate a project, of a scale and type of their choosing to secure the future energy supply of their area. There is great scope for ordinary people to turn the negative publicity around energy projects into a positive success story for their community which not only can supply energy but can also act as a means of generating income for community projects (through the sale of electricity) and can in turn create jobs an positive prospects.

Community Energy & Aran Island Co – operative featured on Eco Eye

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